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What is NUworkspace?

NUworkspace offers users a Windows virtual desktop with a suite of software applications for University work. Its purpose is to provide eligible faculty, students, and staff with access to programs that may not be readily available on their current desktop/laptop computers. NUworkspace is generally intended for interactive workloads, rather than scheduled or batch jobs.  It is suitable for work that does not require intense computation. Examples include prototyping, script testing, and running programs that offer quick results and feedback.

An account is required to access NUworkspace.

Virtual desktops are available via a secure web interface. Users authenticate with their NetID credentials. Once connected, a user can access files in cloud-based storage (e.g. Box, Google Drive), process those files in the virtual desktop, and save the results back to the cloud-based storage location. Users can also interact with files on their own computer. The service saves only basic desktop configuration settings, and otherwise does not persist once the virtual desktop is closed.

NUworkspace is offered by Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences in partnership with Northwestern IT Research Computing Services.

See additional Technical and Usage Details.