Getting Help

Please follow the instructions below to get the help you need with NUworkspace.

I need access

Please contact the NUIT Support Center to request access to request access to NUworkspace.

I used to have access, and now I don’t

If you receive an “Access Denied” error, please contact the NUIT Support Center to report a loss of access. Please include your primary school or unit affiliation in your message.

I have access, but can’t connect

Please contact the NUIT Support Center if you experience an issue connecting to NUworkspace. Please include a screenshot with the error you receive to help with initial troubleshooting. Your request may be escalated to your local IT support for further investigation.

I need help with a software application

If you have already used the software documentation available and have not been able to resolve the problem with the software. Please contact the NUIT Support Center to request consultation about a software application installed in the NUworkspace desktop environment. Please include the name of the software application you are using and a brief description of the task you are attempting. Your request will be routed to the appropriate subject matter experts for follow-up.

I need help, but not about any of the above topics

Please contact the NUIT Support Center to request any other kind of support. Please provide a description of your support need so it can be escalated appropriately.